What We Offer

Class A Facilities

  • Our lobbies are impressive atriums that feature marble flooring, custom millwork, and lighting fixtures that make a positive first impression for all of the buildings occupants and their business partners. Our projects are first class, right down to the landscaping. Our larger facilities include a workout room, complete with men's and ladies locker rooms and showers.

  • Our projects include heating and air conditioning designs engineered to provide zones every 800-1500 sq. ft. This flexible design provides the tenant with a steady, consistent temperature throughout the suite.

  • State-of-the-Art, Computerized Systems that Monitor Security, HVAC, and Light Systems.

  • Our typical lighting fixture is a deep cell parabolic light that is designed specifically to provide the soft light that is needed to reduce computer glare.

Class B+ Facilities

  • At Szeles, we realize a high-end corporate office building is not for every company. For this reason, our portfolio also offers B+ Facilities. These properties are older buildings that have been renovated to meet Szeles' high standards. They offer our clients a solid, functional office environment, while continuing to provide the high quality and service that our company is known for.